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Interview: Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D: Im Gespräch mit Jon Murphy

Jakob Nützler, am 22.03.2011, Seite 2 von 2

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Deutsch | English Hi Jon! You are the Pro Evolution Soccer Team Leader - can you introduce yourself and point out your duties at Konami to our readers?

Jon Murphy, Konami: Hello. I’m Jon Murphy PES Team Leader in Europe. I work closely with the team to try and deliver what the fans really want from the series. I also drive marketing creation, work with players and generally co-ordinate activities in Europe. From press releases and previews we presume that the 3DS version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 features a new, dynamic camera viewpoint as well as five different camera angles. How exactly does the "Player's View" feature work and how do you implement the different camera angles without making the game unneccessarily confusing?

Jon Murphy: The new player view drops you into the middle of action on the pitch to accentuate the sense of depth offered by the 3DS. The camera snaps behind the player, moving with the action to ensure gameplay is intuiative. We’ve kept in the regular cameras so fans can play the way they feel most comfortable. A lot of development teams seem to take interest in the 3DS' StreetPass Feature. PES 2011 3D allows the players' team to compete against the teams of bypassers by comparing their game data. What makes this feature unique and how does the player benefit from it?

Jon Murphy: We’ve linked it to the Master League, lending a whole new dimension to our best loved mode. It’s a great way to test out the quality of the team you’ve built out on the fly. With good results, you climb up in league ladders and unlock Classic players and teams. Soccer games live by their multiplayer capabilities. Sadly, there is no full online mode in Pro Evolution Soccer 2011. What can players do via Wi-Fi and how does local multiplayer work? Does every player need his own copy of the game?

Jon Murphy: We incorporated a two-player mode which works with Wi-Fi. There’s no reasonable way of playing a reduced match, both players need all animations, all AI and gameplay options, therefore both players need to have a cartridge of their own. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D is the first game of the franchise to be released to a systems' launch. What advantages and disadvantages does a launch day release have?

Jon Murphy: We’re able to demonstrate our ability to innovate on a new machine without any competition. The downside is added pressure on development, but the team did a great job coping with that. The annual updates of FIFA Soccer and Pro Evolution Soccer may deliver solid and reliable entertainment for fans of the genre. In return, however, new game elements are more difficult to implement. Inazuma Eleven by Level-5 for example combines aspects of RPGs and sports games. Have there been or are there similar experiments with the Pro Evolution Soccer series?

Jon Murphy: It’s something we’ve tried in the past, but Japanese RPG doesn’t mix well with European football. At the moment we’re mainly concentrating on getting our gameplay sorted. Once we’re happy with that we’ll expend more resources on innovation. Konami also supports Sony's next handheld gaming device, Next Generation Portable (NGP). In what way do you see the once again growing competition between PSP/NGP and 3DS?

Jon Murphy: Hard to say, since neither are following traditional rules for portable devices. Much will depend on software and who is able to make the most of unique selling points. We are certain that you already had the chance to play other 3DS games. Which one impressed you the most?

Jon Murphy: I love the Augmented Reality stuff - can’t wait for someone to print an AR card on a T-Shirt so we see an alien ripping out of someone’s chest! Just finished reading Das Boot so I love the periscope action in Steel Diver.

The interview was held by Jakob Nützler [Miroque] for

Thanks to Jon Murphy and Konami for their kind support.

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2 Kommentare

profil 376 comments
[23.03.2011 - 07:10 Uhr]
Was bei dieser neuen Ansicht bei PES 2011 stört ist das wenn man den Ball verliert die Kamera sofort umschwenkt und man kurzzeitig die "orientierung" verliert.
Sonst ein Interview das mir PES 2011 schmackhaft gemacht hätte wenn es nicht die 2 großen Macken gäbe...
profil 345 comments
[29.11.2011 - 12:58 Uhr]
St Pauli:
Ja, hast Recht, stört mich auch immer! :(
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