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Interview: Wir plaudern mit Sega über Rhythm Thief

Jakob Nützler, am 22.11.2011, Seite 2 von 2

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German | English Greetings from Germany! Thank you for this opportunity for an interview. Can you please introduce yourselves to our readers? On which projects did your development team work before?

Shun Nakamura, Sega: Allo Germany! My name is Nakamura and I am a Producer and Director at SEGA Japan. I’ve previously worked on projects such as Samba de Amigo, Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg. In addition to these titles, I have also worked on Sonic games as a director and Mario & Sonic games as a main game designer. Nice to meet you all! (laughs) Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure is about the 18-years old thief Raphael who returns stolen artifacts after three days. What makes the story special and how important is it in the game?

Shun Nakamura: The storyline of Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure revolves around a gold coin left behind by Raphael’s father when he vanished. The coin bears the same crest as on a bracelet on display at the Louvre, leading Raphael to believe this will hold the secret to his disappearance. On his quest to find out the truth behind this mystery, Raphael encounters a mysterious girl who is soon discovered to be connected to the crest. The story contains these and more elements which will deeply affect each other’s, the mixtures of secrets and people’s thoughts. The story is varied in character, but at the same time remarkably unified in vision and theme serving the sense of mystery that pervades the game. The rhythmic gameplay is supposed to be highly context sensitive. Can you describe what the player has to do in which situations? Maybe you could give us some examples.

Shun Nakamura: Of course, it’ll be our pleasure. When playing rhythmic gameplay, for example, players will hide behind bronze statues in thrilling situations when looting sneaking into the Louvre. Or, they sometimes encounter enemies and battle actions are required to defeat them. In other occurrences, if being chased by policemen, players will need to run around the stage like action games to escape from them. The game moves are based not only on situations but also on game rules and music suitable for that specific instance. According to the released screenshots so far, Raphael even has to defeat very big enemies that look like mysterious knights. Can you tell us something about these confrontations?

Shun Nakamura: The mysterious knights are enemies who are chasing Marie. Phantom R thinks clues to find his father have some connections to this girl and so he decides to protect her to unmask the truth and solve the mystery. Of course the soundtrack is a very important part in a music game. What kind of songs can we expect and how much variety will there be in terms of musical genres?

Shun Nakamura: There is main theme music for this title, as well as varieties of songs for different scenes such as dance music for Raphael to show off his great dances moves; violin tune and classical music for ball dance and up-beat music for battle scenes. We are using almost all genres of music, although I haven’t had the change yet to count them all myself. (laughs) Does Rhythm Thief contain different modes, unlockable extras or other incentives to replay the game after finishing it once?

Shun Nakamura: We cannot reveal more at this time, but you can expect quite amount of replay values in the game as it has depth of both rhythm and adventure games at the same time In which way will the 3DS' special features like StreetPass, the gyro sensor and of course the stereoscopic 3D effect be used in the game?

Shun Nakamura: The game includes several control system for rhythm games and of course offers games using gyro censor. For the stereoscopic 3D effect, the game will require the player to give input at correct timings in rhythm games with environment using the effect as well as offering high-quality animation using 3D effect. The game also supports StreetPass, but I couldn’t talk more about the details now. The colourful and slightly comical presentation is very reminiscent of Elite Beat Agents/Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan. Did you include some of this crazy humor in Rhythm Thief as well? And are there other games that inspired you?

Shun Nakamura: The main character is a thief so he looks like a thief while its character design is associated with rhythm and dance. The rhythm games could appear comical by themselves but your image could change when they are connected with story or animation. The game design is beyond boundaries of rhythm games and gets from various games. Not only rhythm games, we are trying to convert rhythmic sense felt when playing action, sport, and other various games well into the rhythm games. In this sense, I can say I’m translating my experience in other games such as Samba de Amigo, Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg, Sonic franchise, and Mario & Sonic into one game. Within a week, Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure has been announced for Japan and the western videogame market. How come that some games take seemingly forever to be considered for a release outside the borders of Japan and this one being announced so quickly?

Shun Nakamura: I’ve originally worked on Sonic franchise for a long time and strongly believe we should create entertainment that appeals to all markets, and not only to Japan. Therefore, the plan was to distribute the game in the western countries as well as Japan from the beginning of the development.

The game has been built with this in mind and I’ve been trying to design the characters and game that would be loved by everyone. Do you have anything else to say to our readers in Germany?

Shun Nakamura: Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure offers a new gameplay experience, allowing players to play empathizing with the characters in the story combined to the gameplay based on several rules with different controls … Just wait till Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure comes out to find out!

The interview was held by Jakob Nützler [Miroque] for

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profil 58 comments
[31.10.2011 - 19:01 Uhr]
Portablegaming Die Redaktion
Hallo liebe Leser,

bevor ihr euch jetzt auf die Suche nach dem mystischen Link zur deutschen Version des Interviews begebt, lasst euch gesagt sein: Den gibt es nicht. Noch nicht. Wir dürfen im Moment leider nur die englische Fassung des Interviews veröffentlichen. Aber keine Bange: Eine deutsche Übersetzung wird folgen. Wir können euch momentan noch nicht sagen, wann das geschehen wird, aber wenn es so weit ist, werden wir den Artikel entsprechend aktualisieren und auf der Startseite verlinken.

Wir bitten um Verständnis.
profil 138 comments
[31.10.2011 - 23:42 Uhr]
Bis auf einige Wörter hat mein Schulenglisch gereicht^^
profil 345 comments
[14.11.2011 - 20:00 Uhr]
St Pauli:
Schade, nicht in Deutsch...
Aber ein paar Zeilen konnte ich noch entziffern! :D
profil 58 comments
[22.11.2011 - 16:16 Uhr]
Portablegaming Die Redaktion
Ein kleines Update: Mittlerweile haben wir auch eine deutsche Übersetzung des Interviews vorliegen. Bitte entschuldigt die Verzögerung und wir wünschen euch viel Vergnügen bei der Lektüre!
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